"Rad" is my middle name
But you can call me Jon.

I'm a software engineer in Austin, Texas that likes things beautiful. I'm constantly learning new things and driven to iterate and improve. Writing software is my craft, and I'd love to make something awesome for you.

My middle name isn't really Rad, by the way.

IBM Swift
By devs, for devs.
Fast-moving, flexible, and open to feedback, the IBM Swift Sandbox and Package Catalog are more than just powerful tools for an expressive language.
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Modernizing score recording.
Gymnastics-scoring apps are a thing, and all of them suck. Except for this one, of course. See you in the App Store.
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Hey there, I can do
Native app development or Angular.js + Redux. Adobe Illustrator or product lifecycle management. I’ve probably done it at some point.
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